How to fix
screen door rollers

Screen door rollers can be difficult to remove. There are dozens of different types, but for some of the common you can often substitute rollers the are better than the originals.

In other cases you are stuck with having to find the original design because thats the only one that will fit.

Here are some of the questions visitors have sent me about screen door rollers. With luck, you will find your roller here and get an idea of how to replace it.

What kind of screen door roller
is this ?

by Pam G.
(Cambridge, Ontario Canada)

MRSA Screen Door Roller

Hi Pam, thanks for the question. It looks like you have an MRSA style roller. I posted a picture of one with a round spring but they are also made with a flat rectangular spring as you describe.

My screen door rollers will replace MRSA style rollers even though physically they look a little different. My screen door roller page has a video which shows them.

I can get the MRSA rollers with a steel ball bearing roller. Would need to get a picture of the roller in the bottom of the door to be sure to get the right kind. Some MRSA rollers can be removed without pulling the door frame apart, others cannot.

My rollers require the whole door to be taken apart so its best to use them when you are replacing the screen cloth.

by Jessica
(Hoboken, NJ USA)


I recently purchased a condo in Hoboken, New Jersey. The roller on the screen door was broken from day 1 and I can't figure out how to fix it. Attached are 4 pictures. One is of an unbroken roller, the other is of the area where the broken roller should be, the other is of the corner and lastly, a picture of the screws I removed.

On your website, you talk about removing the frame. I can't seem to get the frame off. As you can see in picture 3, there is a hole where I removed the screw, but the frame seems fastened together as one solid piece and the frame doesn't budge with or without the screw in place.

I have the feeling this door is unique because it is very tall and slim-roughly 29 inches x 96 inches. I would love to be able to simply replace the one roller that snapped off but can't seem to take apart the frame to measure it.

Any help you could provide would be wonderful.

ps-your site has been very helpful so far.

Screen door roller replacement

by Sandy

Guardian screen door rolle

Hi there;

We are trying to replace a wheel on a screen patio door. We have the steel wheel with the curved spring. We can't figure out how to get the wheel into place in the door. It doesn't seem to fit into place! What are we doing wrong ?


Hi Sandy

I posted a picture of the roller I think you might be using. I also have a video on YouTube showing how to replace one of these screen door rollers.

If this is not the right roller, send or post a picture here and I will try to help with more specific instructions.

Got a perfectly good screen door, how do I remove the worn out wheels?

by Jeff W
(Austin, TX, USA)


I found your website quite useful - thanks for posting all of that information! I apologize for imposing on you but I am hoping you can provide some advice.

I have a screen door, circa 1983-1985, the frame and screen are in great shape, but the wheels are quite damaged. Can you help me find a way to replace the wheels? It looks like the wheel assembly can be pushed out of the frame, but the wheel height adjustment screw looks like it isn't supposed to be removed?

Pix are attached.


Roller Kit

by Neal
(Avon, Colorado)

Roller taken from frame

Does the kit below include two or one corner? I'm guessing two, but want to confirm. Also, are just the wheels available? They snap onto the latch?

They sure are sturdier than any of the cheap stuff sold at Home Depot!

What is availability?

If you want exact replacements for these patio screen door rollers, use the kit below. It features 4 smooth rolling steel ball bearing rollers, not the standard plastic ones.

No. 02524 Roller and Corner kit $34.99

Patio screen wheels

by Randy

Have nice new sliding patio doors that are hung from the top thus no bottom track. No track to bump in to, clean entrance way.
I want to do the same with screen doors. But screen provider says would be too flimsy if just hung from top.
My solution is a divider bar horizontal across screen midway to give strength plus visibility so people don't walk in to.
Plus why not some 1 inch diameter rubber wheels or rollers bolted to bottom side panel of door? Wheels would not be under door but attached to side of door.
I am thinking a triangle shape piece of metal with tip area for axle and wide part of triangle screwed to door. About 3, 1 inch wheels to a door.
Wheels on bottom and track on top.
hard to believe but I have not seen this done on any screen door.
What do you think?

Vintage screen door with surface mounted wheels

by Matt
(San Antonio, Texas)

I repair screens at a local hardware store. Recently a gentleman brought a 36" rolling screen door 150 miles for me to repair. The bottom wheels are surface mounted as opposed to being tucked into the center of the frame.

I have no wheels and no idea of what the wheels ride on. I assume there is a rail parallel to the door, outside of the frame. I dont know what the diameter the wheels should be. I dont know if the wheels should be flat or convex.

The other identifying mark is that the pull is zig-zag shaped. I can't find any info on this screen. Sure I could mount a set of wheels on this and turn it loose. I really want to know where this beauty came from. I can send pictures if necessary.

Hi Matt;

Yes please post pictures here, that sounds like an interesting screen door. Would be great to see pictures showing where it fits too.

I have not seen one like that but I have seen a few homemade screen doors made by homeowners who were toolmakers or machinists. Its possible this could be a "one-of" door done by someone like that.

To get the roller size perfect, you would have to have a dimension from top of bottom track to bottom of top track and then measure the roller hole centerline to find out which diamter roller would fit. Perhaps the customer can supply the track to track dimension.

Help with Screen Door Roller Identification

by ES

I have a sliding screen door that hasn't been staying on the track and has been very difficult to open for a while. This past weekend, I tried changing the rollers, but have been unable to find rollers that fit properly.

I came across your website and am hoping that you can help with the identification of the broken rollers, and point me to where I may find replacements.

Hi; Looks like it could be a Metal Industries roller, so I posted the catalog picture so you could confirm.

If it is, email or phone me and I will get you price and avilability

Replacement Rollers

by Jerry L.
(Camden, NY USA)

I bought my modular house from Guildcrest near Ottawa. The windows and doors were manufactured by a company in Quebec. I need to purchase a set (both top and bottom) rollers that will fit the 7/16" slot in this door.

A few years ago I contacted the manufacturer but due to language problems, I just could not find out what to order other than a complete sliding glass door assembly.

I will appreciate any help you can offer.

Best Regards,

Jerry L.

Roller replacement on screen door

by Becky
(Edmond OK)

The rollers on my screen doors are either broken or missing, but the corners are fine. Is there a way to order just the rollers, and is it possible to replace just the rollers? If so, how would I do that?

If I have to replace the corners also, then does that require taking the screen off the door? The directions show how to put it on, but not how to take it apart.

Thank you.

Hi Becky;

Its possible to remove the rollers on some screen doors without removing the corners, but without having pictures i have no idea what kind of roller/corner your screen door has.

Remove the screen door and see if you can take some pictures looking right into the recess where the rollers are located, that should help me identify them, then I can give you a better answer.

Send the pictures to the email address on the home page of

Five Minute Fix

by Jake
(Wichita, KS)

I walked into my screen door 4 days ago and it hadn't worked right since. I figured it was off the rollers and every I opened it I cringed.

I saw the four adjustment screws and I was sure if I touched them the door would never work right again. I clicked through your website (after finding it on a Google search of 'sliding screen door') and had it off and back on in 5 minutes.

It works better than ever. You saved me a lot of worry and time. Thanks!

Great job Jake ! Glad to help

How do I get the screen door rollers out

by AHB
(Alamance, NC)

MRSA style roller

I recently bought a 1970's home with a sliding glass screen door. The screen door was missing a roller on one side and the other roller is cracked. Both rollers on the top of the screen seem to be ok- old but ok.

I cannot figure out how to get the broken roller out of the screen to assess it to purchase new rollers. I did - before reading your website- take out a very long screw on the side of the frame.

Nothing happened though. I cannot figure out how to get the roller out. I also hate to admit that my husband and I already replaced the screen, so we would hate to take the door apart.

Hi; The long screw you removed was the height adjustment screw. It does not need to be removed, just loosened enough to allow the rollers to move enough to remove the screen door from the frame.

The rollers themselves probably have 2 metal tabs the clip on either side of 2 protruding nibs. Insert the flat blade of a screwdriver and twist the tabs apart while pulling on the roller until it comes free.

These instructions are for the roller in the picture I uploaded, If your roller differs from this, send me pictures so I can identify it.

How to remove screen door rollers?

by Ken
(Boynton Beach)

All my rollers need replacing - they're metal and either seized up from rust or broken - but I can't figure out how to get at the screws that hold the roller in place. Do I have to take the frame apart, including unseating the mesh? The frame is 1" thick and the roller occupies about half of that. The mesh is attached to the other half. The roller is about 1" in diameter. Please see the attached pictures. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

This is a notched frame door and usually there is no need to dissamble the frame to get the rollers out

Often these doors use rollers with 2 screws holding them in in the bottom rail.

Other times the only thing holding the rollers is a tension spring.

If you could send me a picture showing the bottom of the rail and the roller it would be better so that I could identify the type of roller.

Then I could give you more specific instructions

Patio Screen Door Roller Problem

(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)


I was attempting to fix the roll of the screen door, when I REALLY fixed it.

I almost had it rolling nice and quiet...then I needed to make it perfect....which was a big mistake!

To make a long story short....all 4 rollers are now off the door. 2 were broken. There is absolutely no hardware on it rollers. I've put the door (frame) in the basement until next summer!! It might work better next year. lol

I looked in Home Depot for rollers that were similar and couldn't find any that I could fit on. Do I need to buy a new door?


Hi, If you could post a picture of the recess in which the rollers fit, or of the old broken roller, I should be able to tell you if the rollers are still available.

As long as the frame is in good shape and is still good and strong, its cheaper to replace all the rollers.

Usually you replace the whole door when the old one is too flimsy or poorly made. Call me at
1-866-904-2383 if you need a price for a new one.

Can't Get The Rollers Out

by Tom J.
(Johns Creek, Georgia)

Integral screen door roller and corner

I have a patio screen door, assembled much like that described in your replacement kit, with one major exception. The rollers were installed into the top and bottom rails in a way that requires that they be removed and turned upside down to access the rollers. Is there a useful trick to disassembling the rails? I am concerned I'll bend the rails or tear the screen.

Hi Tom;

Some screen doors require you to pull out the screen cloth and take the frame apart before the rollers can be removed.

On these doors, the corner that holds the frame together also has the roller riveted to it.

frustrated looking for part

by Dana
(Ellenton Fl)


I just found your site. I am a Tampa area homeowner with a caged pool. We bought this house from the bank. The Lanai is in good shape except that one screen door to the yard is missing the bottom thin metal panel. We can't seem to locate one at the big box stores. Is it possible to find one? It seems a shame to have to replace a door for such a simple thing.


Hi Dana;

These metal panels are slipped in place when the door is being assembled. You might be able to cover over the opening with a new piece of metal

You could try Metal Supermarket" if there is one near you. These are stores which supply industrial customers and sometimes they carry small pieces of aluminum sheet metal.

I have seen some Home Depot stores that carried aluminum sheet as well.

You would still have to trim the piece to size and attach it either with pop rivets or screws.

Hope this helps

OLD Screen Door Roller not found

MY screen door rollers are just shot and I can't find exact replacements anywhere. From what I can tell, they are @ 2 1/4" long with a 1" wheel. I purchased B521 rollers but I dont think their is enough tension to make the door slide. Should I get B 576? Or do you have anything similar?

I resolved my screen door roller difficulty

Adopt a shelter dog; they are dying to have a home.

Though, I could not find my original post to state so there.

The key was not tightening the screws upon installing the rollers ... they will push in easier, install on track w/ease ... then you tighten/adjust screws to appropriate tension while on the track.

I read the above only after I struggled with, then figured it out on my own.

Thanks, I believe I have mastered, "Screen Doors for Dummies".

How do I remove the wheels from my sliding screen door

by Jim
(Denver, CO)

roller assy after trying to extract with pliers

The slot where the wheel assemble resides is about 2 1/4" long and as wide as the track.
The wheel assembly seems to be a leaf spring, and on the end of the spring is a housing to hold the wheel. There is a screw from the top of the frame that screws downward to force the wheel out of the slot and thus raises the screen door. The screw is not part of the spring assembly, it only pushes against the spring.
I have tried to use pliers to pull the spring and wheel from the slot but succeeded only in bending the spring and have almost broken the wheel and axle assembly from the spring.
All so VERY frustrating!
thanks for any help

Screen door adjusting screws missing

by Peter A.
(Tampa, Florida.)

Screen Door Adjusting Screw

A neighbor gave me his sliding screen doors which is the same manufacture as mine. He took out the adjusting screws. The doors are Lawton. I can't find what the screws attach to.

I posted a picture of a typical adjusting screw, this one is from a very common screen door corner and roller set.

These screws usually fit in the sides of the screen door, in the adjusting at the top and bottom.

Cant get the the screen door rollers out

by Eric
(Spokane, WA)

I have a sliding screen patio door that is about 20 yrs old and the rollers are in a sad state. Washington.

I can't figure out how to get at the rollers to measure them so I can determine which type to replace them with.

How do you take the darn thing apart? I unscrewed the screws on the sides of the bottom piece and even removed the screen, but nothing dis-assembles.

Any help will be appreciated!


Hi Eric

A screen that has been together for 20 years might have a frame that is corroded inside and may take some repeated attempts to get it apart.

Frames are either friction fit together, screwed together or staked together. The last kind, staked frames are not meant to come apart. They are kind of a use it till it wears out deal.

Best thing is to send me digital photos of the corner sections, the roller holes and the whole door. I have seen thousands of doors and I can tell quickly what kind you have and how to go about taking it apart.

Replacement screen door wheels rollers


The screens and frame are fine. The wheels are rusted. Where can I get replacements and are they hard to install?

The only hard part is getting them free from the rust. Spray the roller with penetrating oil and let it sit for 15 minutes. Repeat the application until you can unscrew the bolt that holds the roller in.

That roller looks like a 1-3/4" diameter bearing, if you cant find one at your local glass shop, contact me and I will supply it for you.

Trying to find replacement part for sliding door screen

by Sheree G.
(Salem, SC, US)

I am trying to find a replacement roller for a sliding door screen. One of the two rollers on top has a broken spring inside. See photo for roller. The roller has an insignia (three diamonds with the letters D, P, I inside). The door itself says "ps" or "pd" on the latch.

This looks like a Peachtree screen door roller, $5.60 each, needs to be ordered in but is available.

Remove screen door rollers

I want to replace the broken rollers on my sliding screen door but i do not know how to remove them.

Screen Door Roller Missing

Screen Door Roller Missing

My screen door is missing one of its rollers. What kind is this roller and how do I fix it ?

Broken screen door roller

by L. Albert

the strip attached to the wheel, which is in turn tighten or loosen by an external screw on top has broken, I assume, due to wear. I took off the door and tried to accommodate the wheel to no avail because there is nothing to hold it in place. Could you tell me if the metal strip + new wheel can be purchased? And then, how to I open that part of the door to accommodate the new strip? I can't seem to find a way.

Anything you can tell me will help me greatly to avoid additional expense.


Many screen door rollers are held on by strips of steel which are used both to mount them on to the door and to act as spring. Sometimes you can screen door rollers in Home depot or Loews. Many glass and window repair shops also carry them.

Broken Screen Door Roller

by Jolie H.
(Aberdeen, NJ)

Broken Screen Door Roller

Need three tension rollers for broken screen slider. Picture of the part that needs to be replaced.

Sliding Screen Door Roller Hardware: Missing Tension Screws

by Fred B.
(Taunton, MA, U.S.A.)

Over the years, two (2) of the "Tension Springs" for adjusting the Roller Springs have gone missing.

None of my local sources seem to be able to identify them and/or get them for me.


1 1/2 " Long (Including Head).
Head Diameter. Approx. 1/4".
Phillips slotted.
O.D. of Thread 0.162" (About the size of a #6 Sheet Metal Screw).
Threads. 18 T.P.I., sheet metal form thread.
The lower portion of the screw has been machined to remove the sharp thread.

I would like to find some of the correct screws instead of jamming ground-off sheet metal screws in the existing holes.

Sliding screen door height adjustment screws wont turn

by Elizabeth
(Lincoln, NE, USA)

We removed our sliding screen patio door, replaced the nylon screen and replaced the door on the tracks top and bottom, but we don't seem to be able to replace the four screws (two on the top of the door and two on the bottom)which adjust the up and down space for the door.

This seems ridiculous, but when we try to put the screws in, they will not screw down (or up) in. Ideas?

Thanks for the question.

Sometimes the screws rust and are hard to turn. Try spraying them with a penetrating oil like WD40. This is available in any hardware store.

After spraying them gently try to turn them out and in to free them up.

Worst case is that the screws are so rusted you will need to pull the door apart again and replace the screws with new ones and possibly the screen door corners as well.

Hope this helps

Roller is fine but the plastic piece holding it is broken

by Mike C.
(Hollister CA 95023)

We have a sliding screen door whose sliding wheel's plastic piece which the wheel clips onto is broken. The screen is in great shape but need to replace this piece.
The part is made by slide-co.

Screen door roller extraction

by Peter
(Prescott Valley, Az)

I have tried to remove roller from my screen door but cant get it loose. I have pulled back the rrubber gasket and there is no sign of a clip comming through. It also has a sligh bend at the handle. I believe that can be repaired with a metal strip on both sides riveted in place which I can do. I just can't get the roller out. I have tried to find a shop in Prescott Valley,Az to repair but all say buy a new one. What is with that?

Removing rusted screws from rollers

My patio screen door is 20+ years old. Need to replace the rollers, but the screws are very rusted. Tried lubricating spray and screw removal drill bit but they don't work. How can I remove screws without replacing entire door?

In some types of doors its possible to break off the old rollers so that you are able to knock the frame apart.

Once the roller is off, you can put a screwdriver in the roller notch and a hammer the corners out.

Depends a lot on the type of door you have. If you have some pictures you could post maybe I could be more helpful.

Rollers cant be found at home depot

by Michelle

Screen Door Roller Question

Please see attached. Our townhouse is about 30 years old and I am not too sure how old the screen door is but I know it's old.

The problem with the roller bought from Homedepot is that the inner most metal axis is too wide to fit into socket hole in the first picture (DSC4104).

Please let me know your findings. Thanks so much!

Best regards,


The dimensions of the old roller look like 1" OD, 1/4" ID and 9/32" Wide. I can order the rollers in if those are the right sizes. $3.00 each

Screen door adjustment screws

I am having trouble removing the screen doors to replace the rollers. I have taken the adjustment screws completely out of the screen door, and still cannot lift the screen door high enough to get it out of the bottom channel.

Can you help? Thank you.

If you loosen the adjustment screws and the door does not move up and down easily then the problem is likely with the patio door, not the screen door.

Patio door frames can settle due to the movement of the wooden frame of the house. Other times concrete steps can crack pushing up on the patio door frame.

Measure the height of the patio door on the left side, in the middle and on the right side. You will probably find the door is much lower in the middle.

The shims between the patio door and the wooden header at the top of the door will need to be removed to allow the patio door frame to jump back into shape.

Then it will be easy to remove the screen door

Screen Door Roller and Corner

by Joe
(Glen Ellyn, IL)

Screen Door Roller and Corner


My sliding screen patio door is hard to open. It gets hung up on the track and sticks in place. I pulled the roller assembly off and can't find an exact replacement. I'd like to go with a nylon roller ball vs. steel.

The wheel diameter is 1", Length 5", Height 2 3/4".

I think the mfg was JW Window out of Tampa, but they are out of business, as far as I can find.

I saw a web site the other day, from a company based in Masury, Ohio. They sell a plastic insert that mounts on the bottom of the door and takes place of the roller.
However, I can't recall the name of the company and all my searches have come up empty-handed. It was called Swisco or something like that.
Have you run across this company?

Thats a great photo Joe and a really interesting roller assembly. I have a Marvin parts catalog that shows the roller as no longer available. Its possible that Marvin window dealers might have old stock left to sell you.

The other alternative is to replace the roller and corner entirely with something better. See

Screen Door Rollers - How do you get them out ?

I have two large interlocking(connected by a small screw) sliding screens. I want to replace the rollers.

There is a long, short-threaded screw going into the front of the frame. The rollers are at the base of each end and do not appear to be tension type rollers.

I took out the long screw but it seems there is a housing assembly the roller is sitting in. Are you familiar with this type of unit? Any help you could provide would be great.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and it would be great if you could upload one.

Usually the long screw is used to adjust the height of the rollers. Many rollers are clipped on to the corners that hold the screen door together.

Some types require you to dissassemble the whole frame in order to remove and replace them. Other types of rollers can be removed just by unhooking or unclipping them from the screen door corner.

Screen door roller installation

by W. Fisher
(San Diego)

I am trying to replace the broken rollers (see photo) in my patio screen doors. I took the screen door of its track, no problem.

I lowered the rollers with the adjustment screw all the way, and then, With a lot of effort and with pliers, I yanked the old roller bracket from the two prongs inside the bottom rail of the door.

Now I cannot get the replacement roller bracket (see photo) onto the prongs.

There must be a trick to getting the rollers out of and into of their location in the bottom and top rails. It looks like they might snap into place, but they won't.

Would greatly appreciate any hint how to do this.

Walter F.


I made this video showing how these rollers are installed. You only need a flat blade screwdriver to hold the tabs on the roller apart as you slide it over the tangs on the screen door corner.

Screen door corners are all loose

by Rick
(Sudbury, Ontario canada)

My patio door screen door frame has loosened at the joints so that when you try to open or close it it cants upward or downward depending on how you are opening or closing the door resulting in the door coming off the rollers....I've tried tightening the joint screws to no avail...time for a new door??

Hi Rick;

It sounds like this is a door with friction fit corners and these do loosen as the years go by.

When you change the screen, pull all the corners out and tap the ends of the frame where they fit with a hammer lightly to make the fit tighter.

Then install aluminum screening, it holds the frame together better than fiberglass does.

That fix will keep you going for a few months but if it gets loose again its time for a new door !

Replacing Rollers

by Wayne Partridge
(Manhattan Beach, CA)

I have Milgard Vinyl sliding patio doors. I assume the screens came from the same source, but I'm not sure.

Despite exposure to a harsh environment (near the sea)for four years, the sliding screens have held up very well. But the rollers are rusted frozen and no longer work (periodic oiling probably would have prevented this).

I hate to junk the screens because of the rollers. Can the rollers be replaced? If so, how does one get them out, where does one get replacements, and how can one put them back in, what tools are required or useful?

Any information you can give me would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

Thanks for the question.

Yes the rollers can most likely be replaced

Be great if you could post a picture, then I could see exactly what kind of rollers you have and reccomend how to get them out

Hope this helps

those tiny little wheels.

by John

Missing screen door roller

Although the screen mesh replacement looks beautiful, perfectly repaired, I’ve come to discover a missing wheel. The two adjusting wheel screws got removed, and then zilch-- nothing.

The wheel doesn’t just pop out and in, and there’s no under-tracking piece that slips out from the base’s horizontal frame, at least from what I can tell. Don’t tell me, the screen needs to be removed to fix this tiny rotating wheel. Does it?


There are some wheels that are riveted to the corners where the whole frame has to come apart to replace them but there are plenty of styles of screen door where the rollers can be installed without removing the screen cloth and taking the frame apart.

Screen door roller tension spring

by H.G.
(Gibsonia, PA)

Screen door roller with V shaped tension spring

I have a sliding screen door leading to my deck from my family room. It has a self-adjusting top and bottom that is spring loaded so as to hold the top up and the bottom down so as to keep the wheels pressed against the tracks.

In adjusting the tension, I lost one of the springs. (The spring is like an inverted/elongated V. Where can I buy a replacement or set of replacements for all four of the springs?

Hi; I uploaded what I thought might be a picture of the roller based on your description.

If it is not please send me a photo of the roller assembly you are looking for.

Screen door roller problem

by D

Integral screen door roller and corner

One roller on a patio screen door is still intact with the spring mechanism but the spring is connected to an aluminum solid interior piece that has broken away from the internal frame.

The wheel still spins properly but there is not enough outward pressure from the spring to keep the door in its track when sliding it open as it moves in side the extruded aluminum frame.

The door will not stay in place on its track. Any suggestions how to fix it. Where can I get the wheel assembly parts?


I uploaded a picture of the roller that I think you have right now. These rollers all require the screen cloth to be removed and the frame taken apart in order to change them.

There are 3 similar types, all of them are $5.50 each. Please let me know if you want me to ship a set of rollers to you.

Screen door metal rollers

by Lisa
(Palm Springs, CA)

I'm trying to replace my rollers. I got the right replacements; they look nearly identical, but are metal instead of plastic wheels.
When I put them on, it seems like the more I tighten the screw, the tension pushes them out, which makes me wonder that I'm not doing something right. To put it back on the track with them protruding that much is difficult to line up and use a knife to push them in as I do.
I'm thinking, it can't be this difficult, had no trouble before on others, why is is this time? What have I done, or not done right? Do I leave the screw only have screwed in?

No picture, I already took off the new part I had put on.

Hi Lisa, I know you got everything sorted out.

Its normal for the roller to extend out as you tighten the adjustment screw. Just loosen the screw off a little to allow enough clearance to get the door on.

Then tighten the adjusting screws on the two bottom rollers to get the door sitting correctly in the frame

Where can I buy Plastic Corners for Sliding Patio Door Screen

by Robert Z.
(Lombard, Illinois)

Anderson screen door corner PL16124

I have 36"X96" aluminium sliding screen Door, made by Guardian. I need all four plastic corners. I found this corners in CRL Andersen Catalog P/N: PL16124.

Where can I buy the corners.

The town house is in Lombard, Illinois and built by Pulte. If replacement sliding screen door availble, I can buy that.

I can only buy these corners in packs of 20, but they are available

I see Anderson is making corners like Pella which force you to use a specific corner that only fits their screen door.

Cost is $39.50 per pack of 20 and shipping is $12.00, Total price is $51.50 USD

Delivery time 3 weeks, this item has to be ordered in.

One of my new screen doors cut to the size of your existing door shipped knocked down ready for assembly including the shipping to Illinois.

Delivery of new screen door is also 3 weeks

Screen door roller adjustment screw not working

by Bob
(Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)

I have a screen door roller problem. I can easily remove the roller (in the bottom of the door), but the adjusting screw seems to have stripped or something. Its on the side of the door frame. I can turn it forever either way but I can't remove it and it will not keep tension on the roller to keep the door from dragging.

Hi Bob;

Yes its sounds like you are right, the threads in the corner that holds the roller and frame together are stripped.

You could replace the corners, sounds like that will require the whole frame to be taken apart.

screen door corner brackets

by Joan
(Beaumont, Texas, USA)

screen door broken brackets

I need to replace the corner brackets for my screen door. I can't seem to find a supplier and the L brackets do not work very well the door is very wobbly.

the plastic is just coming apart.

Hi Joan;

There is a supplier in Dallas called:

CR Laurence
2080 Lone Star Dr
TX 75212-6312
Phone: 214-634-7305

They would definetely have the corner but they usually only sell to glass shops. Ask them to reccomend a local glass shop that has a good supply of their corners.

You will have to remove the screen cloth and dissasemble the frame to get these corners out. Then bring the corner with you when you visit the glass shop to make sure you get the right part.

Sometimes when you reinstall the new corners the door will still be loose because the frame has become worn. You can stiffen up the frame by using aluminum screen cloth instead of the black fiberglass.

Hope this helps


Cannot find plastic screen door part

by Scott G.
(Durham, NC)

We have a home on the coast and are in need of some replacememnt parts for PGT screen doors. I am in need of sliding screen door corner assemblies and also the plastic piece that you screw a fastener into to hold the frame together. I can find the corner assemblies, but cannot find the plastic piece. Can you help? Thanks!

Hi Scott;
Any chance that you can email me pictures of the plastic piece ?

My email address is on the home page of

Where to find Columbia rollers

by Paul Cheng
(Rockville, MD)

Dear Sir: The screen on my patio screen sliding door is broken. I replaced/mounted a new screen, it went well.
Now the problem is with the roller (plastic, and I think the maker is 'Columbia'.
May I ask how/where can I get the replacement parts, and the wy to install the new one?

I thank you in advance for your kind assistnce.

Springs and rollers

by Andrew
(Toronto Canada)

Roller and springs

Hi There! We just recently took our screen door off to be cleaned. Once we loosened the 4 screws (each corner) the springs all fell out. And no matter how I re-install them (and tighten) the screws, once the rollers have pressure applied one or twice, they fall out.

Very frustrating.. Seems as though the metal spring will not stay locked in the roller assembly.. Any better replacement or universal kit that might help us out?

Note that the roller assembly has two male nibs that need to be pressed into the female receiving piece within the door.

Please let me know if you may have some better parts.



Hi Andrew;

That does look pretty aggravating. I have taken thousands of screen doors apart but have not seen the springs fall out of rollers like these.

They cant be that old and I suspect they were not put together properly at the factory. The springs should not fall out without the whole roller being taken apart.

There are two rollers that look almost identical. One has the nubs like yours and the other has a small shaft to pivot on. The small shaft version is the one I use in my roller kit 90020.

I can get the "nub" style too. Just let me know if you have no luck finding them anywhere else.

Replacing the rollers & lock on my screen door.

by Joel B.
(Saginaw, TX)

1. The rubber wheels on the screen door are worn. I was hoping to find rollers and replace them. However, in trying to remove the rollers i messed up the roller mechanism. I am now looking to replace then whole mechanism, but i cannot get it off the frame. (Photos attached)

2. I also need to replace the lock, but cannot find screen door locks at Home Depot:(. Any suggestions? Photo attached.

Thanks in advance,

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