60 year old sliding patio screen door

by Jake
(Buffalo, ny)

Screen door is old but never had a problem. Door jams when you start to close it . Runs on a track but not sure if there are rollers. The screen door is made of wood. The top of the door runs over a piece of metal rod which I. Believe is where the return spring is. Sometimes you can almost feel it loosing up and then binds up again.

The only way to get the door out again I believe is to remove the bottom track. Not sure how to do that? The door is either an Anderson or maybe a Pella. Not sure what to do?

Hi Jake:

Any chance you could send me pictures of the door and the track. It might help me get some ideas. The email address is at the bottom of the home page at fixingscreens.com

I would guess that the door is a Pella, because they were making some interesting screens long before they became popular across North America.

What you have would certainly be an interesting piece of American industrial innovation history so its worth getting it working again.

Would love to see it !

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