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Jun 23, 2019

3 foot spring on Pella screen door

Opened my Pella screen door and the spring came sliding out the top, spring is around 24 inches long. I cannot find any type of manual for repairs?

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Jun 15, 2019

Gap in retractable screen

I bought a Larson storm door with a retractable slide down screen. The screen stops at a latch at the bottom. Problem is it leaves about a 1/4 inch gap

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Jun 13, 2019

Who makes this flat spline

Looking for odd shaped spline for gold door. A spline is missing from one section.

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May 31, 2019

Changing sliding door handle

Hi. Is it possible to change a regular locking sliding door handle with a turn key lock without having to replace the sliding door glass?

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May 26, 2019

Can't find manufacturer of door

So I cannot find the manufaturer to order the right lock, can you look at my pics and see what type of lock I need and based on handle do you know what

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May 26, 2019

Broken Screen Roller on French Door

One of our French Door's original Screen Door's Rollers broke (at the top). It took some wrestling, but I was able to get the Screen Door off intact. I

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May 21, 2019

Vinyl weatherstrip on my screen

I have older screens (no idea what brand) that I need to refurbish. I am having trouble finding this weather strip that goes on the top of the screen

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May 21, 2019

E2030 Lock is Discontinued Everywhere!

The handle on my E2030 broke, I have identified this on your website and two other websites that list it as discontinued:

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May 12, 2019

Screen Door Bugstrip

The screen trim on the left side (looking from the outside) is broken, need a replacement. I have the information from the glass print and I'm attaching

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May 09, 2019

Copper screen with free creases

i want to replace the copper screen in my wood porch door. birds have slammed into it many times over the past 15 yrs. anyway, the hardware store had some

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