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Feb 02, 2020

1960s? Screen Door Spline

I am trying to replace the screen of my front door. The screen is held in place with a rigid plastic like material. Ripped out some of it, not knowing

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Feb 02, 2020

3/8 or .375 Flat Spline

Anyone know where to find 3/8 or .375 wide flat spline, door is newer, but I still can't find it. Any suggestions?

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Feb 02, 2020

Does this need T spline ?

I have changed out window screens in the past but, this one is giving me a very tough time! I was unaware that there was a 'flat' spline... Is that what

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Feb 02, 2020

Problem finding correct spline

I removed old spline (flat type) from a 1/8 inch channel. I am using regular aluminum screening. Where do I find the correct size and type of spline

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Feb 02, 2020

Think I need T Spline

I need T spline like that in the attached picture. Based on my caliper measurements, the T is 0.165 inches tall, and 0.170 inches wide. Would any of

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Feb 02, 2020

Old Pella sliding screen door

We have an old Pella sliding screen door that is from the early 80's. It has a rectangular spline that I cannot find anywhere. I would like to fix the

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Feb 02, 2020

Screen cloth blows out with high winds

Hello, About 3 years ago we had a screen room built using extruded aluminum framing. This framing is extruded with a channel that measure 0.139 x 0.210

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Jan 30, 2020

1960s? Screen Door Spline

In the process of refinishing my front door and aluminum storm / screen door. Screen door has a rigid (but somewhat pliable) spline. May be vinyl? It

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Jan 28, 2020

Gap between bug strip and door

Hi, I have a sliding screen door on the outside, and the bug strip is flush to most of my sliding glass door except for a few areas around the door frame

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Jan 13, 2020

No screen track top or bottom of in-swing double doors

New home to us, and it has beautiful double in-swing french doors onto deck. The problem is no screen track on top or bottom of door frame. I can’t use

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