Looking for corner and screen roller in one

by Naomi

Combination screen roller and corner

Combination screen roller and corner

I have an old screen door and the bottom wheels have come off. I took them off and have included photos below. Do you supply these? I think they are the standard size you talk about in your information.
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Aug 01, 2021

by: Adrian

Thanks for the great pictures Naomi

There are at least 4 different sizes of these combined rollers and corners.

The sizes are all very close so the only way to really tell which is which is to measure them

If they measure 1-1/8 inches wide by 0.4 inches thick my 90020 kit will replace them

There might be an issue with the notch in the screen for the roller door being needed to be cut 1/4 longer but not always

The other size roller and corner that I have in stock is 0.375 inch thick by 1 inch wide.

Just guessing from the pictures you sent the thickness of yours look to be 7/16 inches or .4375 inch thick. Thats a third size i dont have in stock

If possible could you email me at the email address at the bottom of the home page for fixingscreens.com

If the width you have is 7/16 I can check my suppliers to see if they are still available.

The problem is there are a few sizes that are no longer made but impossible to tell without getting the measurements

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