About Me - "Kids, Cats & Dogs keep me in business"

I spent almost 10 years in Southwestern Ontario, Canada running an on-the-spot screen repair business called Screen King. I would go to peoples homes and repair screen doors and patio doors right on location. I also sold new screen doors, sold and installed new storm doors and installed retractable screen doors as well as aluminum porch enclosures.

Most of the time I was the only person people could turn to to provide this sort of service. Screen doors are often too large to carry to the hardware store in your regular car, and the hardware stores are often not equipped or even interested in doing roller replacement and other specialized services that I used to do.

During the time I was doing on the spot screen repair, I developed a great reputation for being able to fix things that other companies would not touch and enjoyed a lot of repeat business from many of my customers. 

I'm getting older now though and its time to pass my experience on to the next generation of screen repair guys and gals - that is until they come up with force fields to keep the bugs out or something like that. 

So I am happy to offer whatever help I can to home owners, hardware stores and even those considering screen repair as a business. The seasonal nature of window screen repair make it an excellent first business for a student to run. If you dont mind hard work, you can do quite well.

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