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Welcome to the USA and Canada's most popular window screen and window and door repair resource with just about anything you want to know about about repairing door and window screens.

If theres anyplace that will help you get that screen door fixed, its right here !

I've poured everything i have learned about fixing screens into this site so you can do it yourself and save dollars, or shekels or pounds. 

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door kit

One thing that's very popular on my site are my "knocked down" door kits. These come with everything you need to replace your worn out or missing sliding screen. Order any size you need for your patio door. There are 2 seperate kits. One kit is a sliding door kit made in the USA for US customers. The other kit is a kit made in Canada for Canadian customers.

Repairing patio door mortise locksSliding door repairSliding door track

There is no lack of ripped and broken screening. As I am fond of saying Kids, Cats and Dogs keep me in business !. I have fixed thousands of sliders, and I am willing to share what I know to help you fix your own.

Sliding door AstragalSliding Door rollers and cornersVinyl bug strip

Another thing that goes hand in hand with fixing your sliding door is how to get the darn thing off in the first place. Thats why I made a page about door installation and removal. It will tell you the tricks I used to use running all over Ontario Canada to get the doors out.

Great for those situations where your slider is in between the glass panels or the frame is sagging. As well, there are plenty of other great tips for removing and reinstalling different types of screened doors

Patio door handlesdoor lockdoor lock

The Page about wooden doors gives you helpful hints for repairing and maintaining these lovely old and new "Granny Doors" so they stay in perfect shape for as long as you own your home. And if you are interested in the more modern retractable doors, this page gives you some useful information to help you make your buying decision.

Patio door handles

Yes you can go to just about any hardware store and buy screening material but how do you put it into the frame ?

  • If your slider is missing or totally broken how do you go about getting a new one ?
  • How do I measure it ?
  • Is it true that you cant get that size ?
  • If my door is not-so-totally-broken can I fix it myself ?
  • What parts do i need ?
  • You can get exactly this kind of help here and more. This website has more detailed information about repairing your own screening than you are likely to find anywhere else.

    You can save yourself some money. You don't always have to get rid of your old windows and doors if they can be repaired economically. Empower yourself, learn how to repair them.

    You might even end up doing it part time to make yourself a little extra money. If you want to become the local screen repair expert I can help you with that too. I am more than happy to share what I know.

    The information here is not just used by home owners. Hardware and Glass Shops use this website to help with their staff training. Property managers use it so their staff can fix apartment and condominium windows.

    If you are "itching" to get busy re-screening your own doors go to the patio slider page. This has the relevant information about how to remove and replace your ripped screen cloth.

    If you are thinking of building your own porch, its good to know that nowadays there are some wonderful systems available for screening it in. No more staples and accidentally cutting the screen as you put the last staple in. Check these systems out on the screened in houses page.

    The page about Pet Doors talks about the pros and cons of different types of pet entrances. This is great help if you have pets that need to in and out regularly. Also check out the page about pet proof screening This page talks about the super strong screening now being used that resists getting constantly torn by pets. Now if they would just come out with Teenager proof screening...

    Has someone told you that its "impossible" to remove and repair the frame from your old worn painted storm door ? Try the how to fix a storm screen page and please yourself by learning how to do the impossible.

    Are you missing screening in some of your windows ?, Try the window screen replacement page and learn how to measure and/or make your own screens.

    Where would we be without our lowly wire mesh ?, Very itchy and lot more stressed more than likely. Screening is everywhere but we sometimes do not realize how important it is. We take it for granted.

    Without screening, the Panama Canal would never have been built. Too many workers would have been bitten by infected mosquitoes and got sick and died. Without screening and without the Panama Canal, the United States would never have become an economic super power!

    In times past, without access to the medicine we have now, window and door mesh was literally the difference between life and death. Incredibly, there are still parts of the world that to this day, dont have this simple technology that saves and improves peoples lives on such a basic level.

    I try very hard to keep current on all the latest developments in the industry. If there is something you do not see here, do not hesitate to bring it to my attention. Many of the pages in this site have places where you can add your own knowledge.

    Dont hesitate to use the contact forms on the various pages if you need my help. Check out my about me page for more information about me and where I got my experience from.

    Hope you enjoy and use this website frequently !

    Screens need fixing when you sell a home and after you buy a home too. Thats why I put my latest article in Give it a read.