Old #screendoor roller plastic and aluminum

by Valentina
(Toronto, Canada)

Dear Adrian,

I'm so happy to come across your website - and your impressive knowledge of the screen rollers, for nobody in our major hardware stores was able to help me.

The problem is that we have moved into a new (or rather 'old') apartment and inherited a quite damaged screen door with worn-out plastic rollers. Now we badly need to replace them, but can't identify what brand they are. The metal details (hooks?) are also so fragile and rusty that we broke one when tried to get the wheel out of the door to show to the store staff.

I'm attaching some pictures for your information in hope that you will guide us in the right direction.

What if these are no longer made: does this mean we'll have to throw away the screen door frame?

Looking forward to hear from you and thanking you in advance,


Hi Valentina

I do have the rollers and corners for your door, they were commonly used all over the greater toronto area during the 1970's. Contact me if you need pricing and delivery.

It is possible to replace them and one good thing about the corners is that they are made from a solid chunk of aluminum instead of the magnesium alloy that is used so much today.

So you can bend the corners to tighten up the joint and make the frame and make the frame square and functional again.

The screen door frame used with these rollers is thick extruded aluminum and usually lasts forever as long as it is not bent. The frame uses 1/4" diameter spline to hold the cloth in.

If the frame is damaged beyond repair I can certainly replace it with a new knockdown kit door, just let me know

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