Cabin Cruiser Screen Doors

Cabin cruiser screen doors are hard to find and can be difficult to get and put back in. A lot of  cabin cruiser patio doors are made of highly polished stainless steel the original equipment screen doors are polished roll-formed aluminum. This material is only used in the marine industry. 

The difficulty with removing cabin cruiser screen doors comes mainly from how compact everything has to be in your cabin cruiser. You have low ceilings with vinyl  headlining that are easily damaged when removing a sliding screen door.

You often have to take down curtain rails and disassemble mouldings at the top of the door because taking the screen door out from the top track is the only way that many will come out. And you have thresholds at the bottom that get in the way of the screen door bottom track.

Lastly most cabin cruisers have nicely finished woodwork everywhere that you really have to watch out for when removing the screen door.

Cabin cruiser screen door kit

Cabin Cruiser Screen Door Kit 01

To tackle the problem of making a good screen door kit for cabin cruisers and yachts i needed to find a flat rectangular extrusion similar to the rollformed frames used as original equipment.

I used an extruded frame which right of the bat is stronger than the rollformed frame. To get the shiny aluminum finish to match the polished stainless steel of the patio door I had to teach myself to hand polish aluminum. 

Along the way I also used mirror finish silver vinyl wrap as a way of matching the finish. Either way hand polishing or applying the wrap to the door still requires extra time in making a residential screen door work in a marine application.

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area I can provide a fully assembled door and installation, anywhere else I can ship the knocked down kit to your location for you to put together and install. 

Why Cabin Cruisers need a new screen door track

Cabin Cruiser screen door track

The single biggest problem in making the door easy to remove and replace is the carpeted threshold that cabin cruisers often have across the bottom of the patio door. It prevents you pulling the bottom of the screen door out like in most residential applications

So I designed a new track insert that slips in behind the threshold and fits onto the old screen door bottom track. This raises the screen track to top of the threshold where it should be. That allows you to slip the screen door bottom easily onto the track.

Another advantage of the new track is that you can install regular sliding screen doors if you can do without the polished frame and live with a white, brown or mill finish aluminum door.

Cabin cruiser screen door cross section

How to get a new Cabin Cruiser screen door

If you have a cabin cruiser that needs a new screen door get in touch with me and I can help you take the measurements I need. If you can send me pictures of your screen door, top, bottom and a general view of the whole door I can confirm if the door sizes I have made previously for Sea-Ray Cabin Cruisers will work. 

Sea Ray Cabin Cruiser Screen Door with silver vinyl wrap

Many other cruisers made by brands such as Carver, Beneteau, Jeanneau, Prestige, Regal, Sabre and Tiara use Taylor-Made brand patio doors and i suspect the sizes are often the same. Just send me pictures of the your screen door i can usually tell who the original equipment manufacturer was just by looking at it.

New screen doors can be made in pretty much any size. The best thing about my kits are they both better than original equipment and way less expensive even when you factor in the cost of shipping!