Door Rollers

by David S
(Toronto Ontario)

Door Roller for 3 Panel Patio Door

Door Roller for 3 Panel Patio Door

Not much of a story. I am just looking to buy some 02530 c type roller assemblies for my patio door (as identified on your excellent site).

Do you sell parts, or would Screen King have them? I live on the East side of Toronto.


Hi David;

The 02530-C is a Patio Door Roller use with 3 panel doors. It has 2 threaded screw holes on top to allow it to be used to either left opening or right hand opening door panel.

I have seen them in Home Depot from time to time but it varies from store to store. They are typically supplied by a company called "Prime-Line" but made in Canada by Fasco in Mississauga.

In Brampton Hi-Lon glass is a glass and window shop that would have them. I am sure that there are glass shops in Toronto that would have them too.

Canada Glass on Bentworth in Toronto might be worth a try but there may be a place even closer to you.

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