Cant Seem to Find These Rollers???

by Mike T

So I am working on fixing up my sliding screen patio door and these are the rollers, one of the ones on the bottom broke so the door just drags. I am having trouble finding these specific rollers

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May 24, 2020
Screen door roller hard to find
by: Adrian

This roller is not one that appears in my catalogues which means it might be discontinued or it is something that was only made locally in Ohio.

It is possible local glass shops might have them or know what company made them. Beyond that I would try to substitute a roller that is easier to find

I enclosed a picture of a simple bent spring roller that should fit your door and many like it.

Your roller seems to have the height adjusting screw on the side which appears to make it left and right handed

The substitute roller is universal, not handed because the height adjusting screw goes at the top

The adjusting screw is just a #8 x 1-1/4" long sheet metal screw with the sharp end ground or filed flat

You would need to drill a pilot hole in the screen frame to install the screw but because of the large adjustable spring there is a good chance the roller would work fine without needing the screw.

I have these rollers and have seen them in Home Depot and Lowes and many other hardware stores.

Nice thing about these substitute rollers is they are steel ball bearing rollers so roll much more easily than plastic versions.

Worth a try if you cannot find the original.

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