Old Screen door rollers

by Scott
(Tennessee, USA)

bottom of door

bottom of door

Older house (1963) with an Atrium brand French door............the screen doesn't roll, so I took it off to replace rollers........Can't figure out how to get them out, have tried everything I have found online, but haven't found anything that really looks like this one..Appreciate any help in advance, thanks.

Hi Scott;

Thanks for the picture

I sent you a couple of pictures of what the roller appears to be

If its #02509 you need a flat blade screwdriver to gently pry apart the two flanges that fit over the nubs at the corner on the left hand side of the picture. I'm guessing though because i cant really see the corner

The 90030 roller just hooks over two pins and you would slide it to the left of the picture to get it off

Sometimes the frame is out and the corner gets dragged to one side and you cant see where the roller is hooked on

If you can drag the roller out and take picture with it sticking out might help identify it better if its not like the pictures i sent

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