Bug Strip for sliding screen door

The pictures below show the steps required to install a new bug strip for sliding screen door.

Most screen doors are 7/16 inch thick with a space all around the frame that allows the bugstrip to be pushed into.

The bug strip gets installed on the side of the door opposite the lock, where it seals the gap from top to bottom between the screen door and the patio door. 

The gap can be different from one door to the next so you need some way of adjusting the width of the strip.

On the seals that I use, the vinyl material has grooves precut so that if you cut a notch in the top of the groove, you can peel a strip off the bugstrip from one end to the other.

Trim the strip so its just a little bigger than the gap you have to fill. If you leave it too wide it will drag on the patio door and make it hard to open and close the screen door.

Once the width is right, you just push the square part of the bugstrip into the groove all the way up the height of the screen door. Trim the strip so it stops just before the tracks on the top and bottom of the slding screen.

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Screen doors great now but need bugstrips

by Kevin
(Salem, CT)

Just spent the weekend installing two new sliding door screens. I fumbled through it and happy with the results. Just need to reorder the Bug Strip as I cut one too short!

I also had to make one adjustment. Fortunately I have a chop saw and was able to take a 1/4 inch off the frame. The guide for measurment was great, I just needed to recognize the new wood floor we installed used a rounded edge at the door track which required the removal of a 1/4 inch to get the new door frame in place!

My wife is happy we again have the ability to let the fresh air in and keep the fresh bugs out!

I need a 3 inch wide bugstrip or bug seal, preferably self-adhesive. Where can I find one at least 84 inches long?

Bug seal for sliding screen door.

by Jo
(Hampton, VA)

The groove on my sliding screen door is too small for the strips that I can find locally. The one that is worn out measures 5/16"W x 3/16" deep. the sweep was a total of 1 1/2" W x 78" long. The best that I can measure the groove opening is a tight 1/4" x 1/4".

by Bill J.
(Richmond, BC, Canada)

i need to find the piece of rubber that seal the back of the screen to the glass slider door.its about an inch wide. any help would be great. maybe just the name of that piece.

That piece of rubber is called a Bugstrip or bug seal and I could send you one in the mail if you cant find one locally. The one I use is about 1-1/2" wide and has pre-notched strips that you can peel off to reduce the width to suit your own screen door.

by Suban T.
(Vallejo, California)

I replaced the screen on my sliding screen door. I need to replace my screen door bug strip also. i searched every where with no result. i saw it on your website.

My sliding door is columbiamatic 42"x80". please tell me how to order the bug strip, the cost plus shipping etc., thank you!

Hi Suban, My bugstrip is $1.00/foot and the shipping to California is $11.00 by UPS Ground.

Extra Wide Bug Strip Needed

I have a gap of about 3 inches between my screen & glass sliding doors. Do you have an extra wide bug strip that would fit?

Bug strips are usually 1-1/2" wide at maximum. Wider than that, they get too floppy to be useful.

Is there any way you can build out the door to meet the screen ? Perhaps by using wood strips and capping them with aluminum.

Where to find specific
"weather stripping"

by Cathy
(West Bend, WI)

Finseal style bugstrip on a screen doo


I have been in my 30 year old home for 5 years. My dog knocked the screen door off (as you probably have heard thousands of times). The "weather Stipping" (not sure if that is what you call it) came off. On the picture it is the piece in the middle (I'm holding it up). The plastic snaps onto the door (frame (into the place just to the left of it)and then the gray "brushes" go against the window. This part broke and I can't find how to replace it. I don't know the brand of the door. All that is on the door is a label with some numbers on that says do not remove. There is no name. can you help?

Yes that is weatherstrip or a bug strip, I have black vinyl bug strips which are adjustable in size for different screen doors and I also have the white vinyl strip with the finseal as shown in your picture. Contact me if you need to get one.

I have the same problem, different reason, but this piece of weatherstripping on my sliding patio screen door does not go all the way to the bottom and top of the door.

Where can I get a replacement?


Yes, I would definitely like to know how/where to get the the white vinyl strip with the finseal as shown in my picture. Please tell me how/where.
Thank you

What will stop the rain coming through my door ?

by Jeff

Hi there, have a question. My wood front door leaks through joints at times of heavy rain and leaves a small amount of water on the floor inside.

The door itself is in pretty good condition so as you can see I have tried to seal it but the leak continues. The frame was designed for a sliding screen door and as such I cannot install a hinged storm door to shield it from the rain.

My question is: Is there a sliding door made that has a slide up glass to expose the screen similar to how a storm door works? I'm sure that if I could find something like that it would fix my problems.

Any other advice is welcome as well!

The first thing I would try to do is to spray the door with a garden hose to try and isolate where the water is coming in. It might not be where you think.

The places most vulnerable to leaks on a sliding patio door are the finseals between the panels and underneath the door. They get worn out until water is able to get through.

There are single panel sliding doors that can be installed in front of patio doors that are leaking. They are made by Clearview Patio Doors in Toronto.

Another solution might be a fabric awning above the door to get in the way of the driving rain.

Bugstrip weatherstripping
for the screen door.

Vinyl bug stri

I am trying to replace the rubber weather stripping on the side of my sliding screen door and can not seem to find the product in hardware or DIY stores in my area.

I live in Lake County Illinois

Any suggestions would be appreciated

I have 1-1/2" bugstrip. It is pre-scored so that you can peel off strips to adjust the width to suit your door. Cost is .99 per foot. Also available in 300 foot rolls. Shipping extra.

Need the rubber trim


I bought the cheapest sliding screen door at Lowe's.
I was too hasty cutting the rubber trim that runs vertically on the side of the door. It has gaps in it where I cut too short and bugs can get in through the gaps.

I can't find any rubber trim replacement.

I want to buy some and reinstall it.


Thanks for the question.

Your local glass shop should carry bug strips.

You may need to check several to find a store which carries a good supply of screen door parts

Hope this helps