Doors and Windows - Your biggest investment

Doors and windows can make up a huge part of any home renovation bill. You want to keep them in tip top shape for the life of the home. These parts can seriously compromise how well your doors and windows work if they are worn and broken. There are parts that wear out and some of them are parts that you can replace yourself. 

Sliding patio door repairs

Sliding patio door repairs are to be expected given the weight of glass these types of doors are supporting. Especially nowadays because people love gigantic areas of heavy glass. Rollers often wear out and as soon as that happens the door gets hard to open and handles and locks start to break. 

Door Sweeps

Your new front door, or entrance system as they like to call them nowadays, might last a long time.  But the weatherstrip or doorsweep on the bottom of it probably wont. They wear out and you need to change them. Here's what you need to know.

Cranks and Handles

Ever had to open out your casement window and have the crank handle start turning and turning without the window going anywhere. Usually thats a sign of a broken Truth operator. Its called a Truth operator because thats the name of the huge company that makes so many of them. 

Drapes & Blinds

When you have a patio door or even large casement window, there are things worth knowing about when you are hanging the drapes and curtains

Screen your window well

If you have ever had to keep leaves out of your window wells you might like the solution that I am using here. Best of all its something that you can do yourself with a variety of perforated metal and meshes.

Glass Cutter

Every once in a while you will have some broken glass to deal with, maybe its a window pane and maybe its just glass in a picture frame. Regardless it will be useful if you know how to fix it and use a glass cutter