Friend walked through #ScreenDoor Now im broken parted

by Willow L
(Honolulu, HI)

Screen door corner

Screen door corner

I have the same issue as Robert.

Friend walked through the door breaking 2 opposing corners where the top meets the side rail and the opposing bottom meets the opposite side rail.

The corners appear to be put together with a small piece to hold the joints together. These two pieces broke.

Can I replace these two pieces? The aluminum top, bottom and side pieces as well as the screen and rollers are fine.

Hi Willow;

Your screen door is held together by aluminum (or sometimes steel ) corners

I posted a picture of the one I use. Its made for doors which use 1-1/8" corners which are very very common.

There are also doors which use 1" corners which use a slightly different type.

Whats important is to measure the broken corner to find the dimensions you see shown in the picture.

So long as the thickness and the width are the same, my corner will fit

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