Are these attached with pop rivets?

by Dave
(Minnetonka, MN)

roller assembly

roller assembly

I have a 30 year old sliding screen door that was sticking. After finally getting it out of the door frame I discovered that the top two wheels had broken off from the springs.

So after I got the door out of the track the wheels just fell off the door. I bought replacements that look identical from home depot but I can't figure out how to get the old springs out.

I tried to pull on them but they seem firmly attached to something in the door frame. I removed the screen and spline and saw what looks like a pop rivet near where I think the spring might be anchored to the door.

Is that how some companies used to do it? If so does that mean I need to drill out the pop rivet to remove the spring and then put the new one in?

Hi Dave;

Its possible these rollers could have been installed with a pop rivet but often its just the pressure of the spring that holds them in.

If they have been there for a long time the corrosion may be "glueing" them in place. They should come loose by jiggling them around.

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