Replacement Window Screens

Here are some of the questions people send in to me about replacement window screens

Stuck clip causing some headaches

A viewer from Omaha, Nebraska writes:

Help one of my sliding screen holder clips is frozen, I can't get the frame out.....any solutions?

I have sprayed it with lubricant, but no luck

Need to replace screen, so simple, once the frame is out!

The screen frame seems stuck below one storm window; that's where that clip is stuck on one side....the other one works fine; it's one the storm window frame that one clip is stuck/frozen.

seems I'll need to get this glass frame out to get the screen frame out; the screen frame just doesnt swing out easily like the first storm window piece did...

Any ideas?

Thanks so very much!!

Storm window can be a pain when they are left in place for a long time. They often just dont want to come apart. There are a lot of different clips and holding clamps so its tough to know what you are up against without pictures. But it sounds like rust , or corrosion or old dried up paint is just making it difficult for the clip to work. Try to cut through any paint that might be interfering. Gently rocking the screen in the clip can sometimes work it loose.

In Search Of window screen vinyl track

Arlene C. of Kettering MD writes:

I have a town house that was built in 1987. Several of the frames that hold the screens are broken. Where can I find replacement frames and screens and how do I know what size to buy?

I have lengths of vinyl screen track that are used to hold screens in place on window frames. But there a couple of different widths so I need to know what the thickness of your screen frames are

Cory from San Francisco Bay Area writes:


This website is great.

If anyone knows where I could purchase the clips that you see in the pictures.

Or do you know what there proper name is?



These are called vinyl sash screen tracks and they are similar to ones I have except your have a fin on the side that lets them be slipped over the window extrusion. It make them special to the window manufacturer. The only way mine would fit would be to use double sided adhesive tape to stick them to the window frame. If you have no luck with the window manufacturer, get in touch with me and I will be glad to help

Tim from Berkely Heights, New Jersey writes:

where can I buy some of the 3/8" vinyl u channels that hold the screen in the windows.

Where to get replacement window screens for my house

I live in a 2 story house the windows upstairs are wide and short if I measured correct 28x44 thats with metal frame.

Where can I find replacement window screens in my area


Most glass shops will come to your house to measure and make screens and frames if you have several that need replacing.

Big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot both carry screen frame kits that allow you to make screen frames up to about 48" x 48"