Truth hardware replacement

Do you have Truth hardware on your casement window ? You probably do. Truth window hardware is used by hundreds of window manufacturers nowadays.

Only problem is what do you when you try to crank out the window and nothing happens ?

How do you go about fixing these window operators ?

Truth hardware window operator

Let me delve into the replacement of some common models so you can see whats involved in getting your windows opening and closing again.

Truth hardware for casement windows

A casement window is the style of window that opens like a door with hinges on the left or the right. Truth window hardware makes both the hinges, which are located on top and below the window, and the operators which are the window opening devices the crank handles are connected to.

Window operators are fragile. If the window is sticking and you crank too hard on the handle, the operator can be damaged. You may find the handle spinning in your hand with the window going nowhere.

To make things worse, if you have a wooden casement the manufacturer often staples wooden trim over top of the operator and paints it. Making it difficult to get at the operator to replace it.

Vinyl windows can be easier, because in many cases the window operator has a cover that just snaps into place over the operator. 

Truth Hardware 003

The picture above shows a window operator with the wooden cover removed. This is a single arm operator. To replace the operator, you remove the four screws which go through the operators baseplate into the window sash.

You then slide the nylon roller on the end of the arm along the rail mounted on the window. Slide it until it can be pulled out through one of the notches in made the rail.

truth operator

Most window cranks fail because too much force is placed on the worm gear contained in the housing just behind the window crank. The red arrow in the picture shows where the worm gear is located.

If the crank is used to close the window tightly the worm gear pushes back on its housing with so much force it disconnects form the gear that drives the window arm. When that happens, the crank just spins in your hand and the operator needs to be replaced.

Finding a replacement for your window operator can be tricky. Truth hardware makes dozens of window cranks. A lot of them look very much the same but there are subtle differences which you need to know to get one that fits.

For example, on the casement operators there is a 4 inch long metal link which has a kink or offset in it. The offset can be either up or down. As well, at the end of the link there is a clip which attaches the operator to the back of the window sash

That clip can be on top of the link or below it. Just the offset and the clip position creates four different model numbers of operator. Then there are Left hand and right hand versions which now creates eight different models.

In addition over the years Truth has replaced one model with another and discontinued certain models. You may have to substitute a new model. Doing that might require changing brackets and tracks as well as the operator

Its essential to send me pictures so we can identify what kind of operator you have. If you find an operator yourself, you still need the pictures to compare the old versus the new to make sure they are the same.


Cant find Left Hand on Amazon

Stainless Steel

  • Truth Model EP-2800
  • Left Hand
  • 3-15/16" Link
  • Offset Up
  • Top Clip
  • 8-7/8" Arm
  • Stainless Steel
  • Truth Model EP-2801
  • Right Hand
  • 3-15/16" Link
  • Offset Up
  • Top Clip
  • 8-7/8" Arm
  • Stainless Steel