Screening in neighbour's porch

by Richard B.
(Delta, Ontario, Canada)


I'm in the process of screening in our neighbours' porch at their cottage in the village of Delta, ON. Eventually I will need a sliding door system. They are also thinking of a retractable screen door, but I would prefer a solid sliding screen door on tracks. Other than purchasing a sliding screen door, which type of tracks (top and bottom) would I need to install? Also would I need to install any vertical side channels for the door to slide into. Do all sliding screen doors have wheels on both top and bottom? Do you supply the screen doors in a kit? I am working with an open space that can be altered.

I really appreciate your help on this. I have done major renos and I am very handy. Doing this is not a major issue, just need the proper hardware.


Hi Richard;

Nice to hear you are helping the neighbours out with their screen porch. I sell screen door kits with tracks top and bottom for french doors but you can also use these doors with screen porches as well. If you want to use a single sliding screen door, you just need to frame in a door opening with one screen panel set back to allow the screen door to slide in front of it.

You can see pictures and download pdfs of how this all goes together here

Its a good idea to install side channels so that the screen door can seal up against the jamb neatly. I have vinyl side channels available in Canada. I can supply these in kit form with the door and top and bottom rails.

Screen doors with rollers top and bottom are by far the most popular but a few have nylon glides and others use top hung rail systems. Just send me the size of the opening you want to screen and I will send you back invoice for the necessary hardware.

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