Screening a front porch

by Sharon

I want to screen in a front porch area, just in the summer. The light color of the walls and the intense heat attracts LOTS of flies and I'd like to discourage them. Am wondering if there is a way to put a channel top and bottom and then fit screens on frames.

I would need to have something that slides one way so there is access in and out. Two areas are open, both 8' tall, one 8 ' wide, the other about 6' wide. I've considered just hanging exterior shades, but would like to be able to easily get in and out without rolling a shade up. Any thoughts are much appreciated.

Hi Sharon;

Absolutely there are channels you can use to build screen porches. Where I live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, the closet place that makes them is York Aluminum Storms in Etobicoke. The channels are normally used to hold the framework for glassed in in porch enclosures but there is no reason they cant be fitted entirely with screens.

The channels also provide the structure you need to install sliding screen doors and storm doors so you can get in and out of the porch.

Its best to find a local porch enclosure manufacturer because trying to ship these types of rails and components would be expensive. If you have porch enclosure contractors in your city then they must be getting their materials from some local outfit.

Its also possible to bulid a porch enclosure using remote control retractable screens that descend from the roof but these also require some sort of frame to provide an access door area.

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