Screened In Patio

by Ellen K

I have a screend in patio. I have kickplates on the botto portion of the screens. There are four screen panels. 2 about 74 inches long and two panels about 54 inches.

I have a dog that keeps pushing on the screen, and it keeps popping out from the bottom. He is not tearing in, just pushing on it so it is becoming loose and coming out of the track. Do you ahve any ideas or suggestions as to what i could use?

Thank you

Hi Ellen;

I would look for an attractive perforated metal sheet that could be attached to the inside that could stand up to the dog leaning on it once in a while.

A thin perforated aluminum sheet would not weigh very much and could be attached with screws to the inside of the screen porch.

Lowes and Home Depot may stock these items but it varies on store by store basis.

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