Screen door won't budge

by Angie

I just purchased a home and 3 screen doors won't budge. One was forced open and wheels and handle broke off. Is there some sort of lock that I can't see??? Why would anyone want a screen door locked open so can't use it?? They won't even move on track 1/8 inch and sound they they are hitting something unseen. To top it off, the glass door is filthy and I can't clean the screen side. Please advise

Hi Angie;

Sometimes when the screen door gets gets put on the track get jammed between the rollers and the frame and the door wont move at all.

Doors with a thin track at the top and the bottom have this problem quite a bit.

It might be as simple as removing the doors and making sure when you reinstall them that the rollers fit on the track at the top and the bottom.

The rollers could also be seized up from rust, in which case you need to replace the rollers. Make sure the door fits the frame properly before spending money on rollers.

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