Screen door handles giving me headache

by Cynthia
(Colton, Washington, USA)


3-7/16" Center Screen door handle or pull

I just reached the end of the internet. I cannot find a replacement part for my 60s aluminum screen door handle and latch. It's driving me to drink and I rarely drink, certainly not at lunch!!

I came across you and thought, oh maybe, maybe, he can help.

The inside piece -- the plastic part with two visible holes on the picture -- is 4-inch in length and 1 7/8 inches wide. The holes are center to center 3 7/16 inches. The screen door frame width is 1/2 inch thick.

The frame width is 1 3/4 inches on the outside.
The frame width is 1/7/16 inches on the inside.
This is the area of the frame where the handle and latch go.

The latch is a hook type. That little white piece slides up and down to connect with the hook on the frame.

The hook on the frame is screwed onto the frame. It's not indented into the frame.

I don't object to changing the type used, if it's not too hard for this widow to do. I've been learning a lot about tools!

I've found 3-inch center hole one's but drilling will result in the current holes being way too close to the new holes.

Please, do you have any suggestions? Right now, you're the only guy in my life and I'm hoping you have the answer. I locked the whiskey away in the cupboard to avoid being tempted.

Thanks so much. My email, btw, is

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Oct 03, 2022

by: Adrian

Hi Cynthia;

Please dont hit the sauce!

One of the problems in finding screen door handles and locks is that there is only one company making them that supplies Home Depot and Lowes and all the big box hardware stores.

That company is Prime-Line from LA, California and most of their handles are 3 inch as you have discovered

However they do have Prime Line A-151 handles with 3-9/16" centers, which might be an easier fit. Worse case you might just have to "elongate" the existing holes by rocking the drill bit back and forth. Ya its sketchy but it works.

I found one of these on Amazon here:

There is also an A-249 with 3-9/16" centers but I couldnt find that on Amazon. Maybe it might show up on the shelves in Home Depot or in a local Glass & Window repair shop.

Prime Line does still have an aluminum exterior handle their number A-116. It works with any center to center distance from 3" to 3-3/4"

I found one of these on Amazon here:

Its possible local glass shops may still stock the original too although these types of stores are getting harder and harder to find

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