Screen door handle and lock

We had our deck enclosed with screens. The door swings into the room. The lock is on the outside instead of the inside.

Children are locking their friends inside the enclosure. Any suggestions on how to install the handle properly?

I am assuming you are talking about the door from the enclosed screened deck to the back yard. Is this an aluminum storm door ?

You could completely remove the screen door and install it on the outside. The only problem would be it would swing out with the hinges on the opposite side to what they are now.

If there is room for that and it causes no problems with nearby objects everything should be fine. The lock would end up where it belongs.

The lock could be installed on the other side of the door but that would mean you would have to MacGuyver a new latch strike on the door post or jamb. Not impossible but it might look a little strange.

Upload some pictures and I will see if there is some other solution.

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