Pool Enclosure

by Kay

Terrier constantly runs around the screened pool enclosure sniffing out anything crawling around in the grass beyond. He then claws at the screen frantically until he puts a hole in it. We are planning on replacing the screening soon and wonder if the pet screen would be effective or a waste of money.

Hi Kay;

Petscreen is 7x stronger than regular fiberglass and it just might be strong enough to stand up to your Terrier

Of course there are big terriers and small ones, and even some of the small ones are incredibly strong.

(Thinking Jack Russell Terriers here !)

Best thing would be to test a piece. So if the local Lowes or Home Depot will let you see a piece or better yet try to scratch it with a screwdriver or similar hard object.

If the terriers claws are blunt, maybe the petscreen will stand up.

Pet screen can still be cut with a utility knife so there are limits to its strength but it should last a lot longer than regular cloth.

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