Need help finding my latch.

by Jeff
(Shakopee, MN)

I am trying to find a replacement screen door pull for my sliding screen door. I can not seem to find the correct door pull. I am including a picture and hopefully you can locate one for me.

The dimensions 4 inches long and the screw holes are 3 1/2 inches from hole to hole. the old one screwed in from the outside into these holes. The inside did have a latch for locking.

there was a screw that went through the screen to connect the outside and inside handle. the inside secured under the lip of the frame. Hopefully these pictures will help



The pulls used on sliding screen doors are pretty much standardized. A lot of them use the 3-1/2" center to center distance.

If you cant find what you need in Loews or Home Depot just contact me and I will provide you with a handle that will fit.

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