by Rorry Schmeisser
(Lawrenceburg, IN)

We are purchasing a screened in room to be installed on to an elevated existing deck. It is a no-maintenance room approximately 15' x 10'.

We have 11 cats and they are all indoor cats. Part of the reason for this purchase is to give the cats a place to hang outside without getting eaten by the coyotes.

We requested pet screen as the cats have destroyed all of our other screens and the installers say they are using aluminum screen that is as good as pet screen.

I haven't seen the sample yet (Monday), but is this possible?

Hi Rorry;

I would not use aluminum screening, it is not strong enough to stand up to cats. Pet screen is much stronger and would be the best choice.

Petscreen is harder to install so I am guessing thats why they dont want to use it. It is also 2 to 3 times the cost of regular screening.

But if you are constantly replacing ripped screens you are going to spend more in the long run.

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