Gazebo enclosure with nylon screens

by Robin

I bought a gazebo to house my hot tub. I am tired of buying nylon screens that need replaced often. This year I replaced the screens in Jan 2014 and they are already needing replacement.

The gazebo is oval shaped and the metal frame is holding up well. I am trying to find out if I can attach somehow real screen to the outside of the gazebo frame.

I would need some type of hardware to connect it that could be bent around the oval frame. Is there such a thing?

Hi Robin;

There are types of screen cloth made for screen porches and gazebos that are thicker than the normal gray and black fiberglass screen found in building centers.

What exactly is happening to all the screens you have replaced ? Are they turning brittle in the sun ? Getting eaten by critters ?

I would not use any metal screening in the gazebo because the chlorine vapours from the hot tub will eat right through it.

Im thinking that solar screen is probably the answer. Not just because it keeps out the direct sun but because its much thicker and stronger than normal screen.

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Sep 18, 2014
Thanks for the new idea
by: Adrian

The only difference with Solar Screen is that you might need a smaller diamter spline to hold it in because the screen itself is much thicker than regular cloth.

Jul 12, 2014
Thanks for the new idea
by: Robin

Thanks for getting back to me! I am almost certain the last screen I bought was rotten to start with. I could rip it very easy with my hands. I think with the screens before that it was the sun and they did last longer than the last screen I purchased. I don't have a critter problem. Thanks for the info on metal screens and hot tubs you probably saved me a bit of money there. That is something I hadn't even thought of. The way the screen goes on my gazebo is sort of like curtains with fabric around the screen and loops to hang it. I don't think I ever saw or never noticed solar screen. Would I need to find a different way to connect solar screen?

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