Window Panel On Storm Door Will Not Budge!

by V.R.
(Ontario, Canada)

We moved to our house two years ago and still to this date, we are unable to move the glass upper glass panel of our storm door. The latches release easily, but the window will not slide down. My husband and I have tried to slide it down, but it will not budge.
Any suggestions?

The latches work so you know they are not broken and embedded in the frame. The next biggest problem is did the previous owners paint the storm door ?

If so you will need to run a knife blade in between the tracks to cut through all the paint. It can take a while but will eventually come loose.

If its not painted look at the sides top and bottom of the sliding panel and see if any of them have slipped off the glass and have jammed themselves in the track.

Send me pictures to the email address on the bottom of the home page I will look at them and see if anything sticks out at me

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