Will use no #spline before its time

by Steve
(York, Pa)

I have some hand-me-down gray hollow core smooth spline, at least that's what i think it is. I have had it for so long that I wasn't even sure it was splining. Have you ever heard of this and why would you use smooth vs the common ridged spline that I think would have more holding power?

I plan to re-screen my front windows with a gray fiberglass and was going to replace the spline with a gray one instead of the black that is currently on there.

Any insight would be appreciated.



Hi Steve;

Thanks for the question.

Usually hollow core grey spline is made of vinyl. I have a roll of 0.120 inch diameter grey vinyl ribbed spline but there is no reason you cant use your own smooth spline so long as it fits snugly.

When I say snug it means that it should nor be that easy to pull the cloth out after you roll the spline in. The cloth should not come out just by pushing on the screen with your hand.

But it also does not have to so tight that you cut the cloth rolling it in. Spline usually has to compress about 20 per cent to hit the right spot for tightness. You are right ribs do hold better all things being equal.

The only drawback to using grey and other light colored splines is that they eventually turn brittle in the sun, much faster than black spline does.

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