Will Canada screen door kit fit in between patio door glass panels

by Drew

Patio door with screen door between glass panels

Patio door with screen door between glass panels

I have a patio door with the sliding screen door in the middle of the two glass sliding doors. Just want to know if I buy the Canada sliding screen door from you guys that it will fit in my track set up or do I need to buy new tracks? Or what my best option is? The opening on the top is only 5/16 wide.

I'm really glad you posted this because Canada has a lot of patio doors where the screen fits in between the glass panels. Back in the day these doors were a good way of keeping the cold out with 2 layers of glass separated by an air space.

To answer your question yes the Canadian screen door kit will fit. The thickness of the Canadian door is 0.490 inches or a little bit less than 1/2 inch. Your screen door top track looks to be a little wider than 5/8 inch according to tape measure. Thats standard for 95% of all screen doors regardless if they are in between the glass panels.

I have replaced a hundreds of screen doors in these types of patio doors so I know my door kit will fit.

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