Which way should the spline go

by Mary R
(Plymouth, MI)

Could you please tell me which way the spline should go on a screen window, does it face the outside or inside of the house.

Thank you very much

Hi Mary

Usually the spline goes on the inside. The reason for this is that it is harder to push the cloth out on the side the spline is installed.

If the spline was facing the outside, it would be easier to push the cloth out of the frame.

Not that you would ever use a screen to stop anything falling through it, its just meant to stop bugs

But by putting the spline on the inside, at least the frame can withstand being installed and reinstalled easily without the cloth coming out every time.

If you use the T shaped spline, it does not matter so much if the frame has the spline facing outside, because the T spline locks the cloth in so tight.

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Apr 22, 2018
Great answer to a simple question NEW
by: Dan

Thank you for your great answer to the question of which side (inside or outside) the screen spline should be on. Nobody else had the answer to this question!

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