Which patio door #mortise #lock do I order?

by lade

Hi, I tried to change my latch aND it fell into the sliding door. I attempted to install an E 2014 by opening up the latch area on the sliding glass but the E 2014 wasn't deep enough. In addition, the screw entrance on the door are stripped. Please see images and advise on which lock to use.

Hi Lade;

I have dropped a lock or two into a patio door, yeah its frustrating!

You might want to try sticking a strong magnet to a long piece of stiff wire and sticking it in the hole to retrieve the old lock.

That way we could get an idea of what the old lock was.

When you say the E2014 was not deep enough do you mena the hasp does not stick out enough to grab the keeper mounted on the patio door. Try putting some washers behind the keeper so it sticks out more.

If the holes in the patio door handle have stripped threads its a bit of pain ecasue most of those handles are made of aluminum magnesium alloy and are too brittle to redrill and tap new holes. Probably better to get a new handle. There are plenty that fit an E2014 lock.

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