Where to get a top hung screen door ?

by Jef

We have a patio door that fits a top hung screen door. When we moved in, the screen door was badly damaged and not functional. I haven't seen many, if any, DIY screen door options for top hung screen doors. Are you able to provide me with a kit for a top hung screen door? If so, what measurements do you need from me?
Thank you.

Hi Jef;

Yes, I do have a top hung version of my door kit.

There are a few different types of top rails used with top hung doors and the best way to figure out if my door will fit is to send me pictures of the your top rail, bottom rail and an outside shot of the whole patio door.

Some top hung screen doors have rollers that are made to hook on the front of the top rail. Other screen doors have to be hooked on the rear of the top rail.

The top rail used on my screen door hooks on the front. But you can also get rollers for the regular screen door kit to convert it to a rear hanging style.

I can look at the top rail and tell you if my door will fit, and ask you for dimensions if necessary.

But sending me pictures will really help. Upload them to this page or email them to me. My email address is on the bottom of the home page of fixing screens.com

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