What size spline to use ?

by Ron

I just replaced my aluminum screen with fiberglass screen. The old spline was solid and measured 3/16" with a 3/16" channel. I purchased Pro-Line 0.185 (3/16" ribbed) and it does not fit tight. I can push the screen out easily.

What size of Pro-Line should I be using to make a tight fit? Remember I went from Aluminum Screen to Fiberglass screen if that makes a difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Jun 13, 2021
Found right spline
by: Ron

I ordered a sample pack (25') of .220 ribbed spline and it worked but was really tight. So...I ordered .210 ribbed spline (small 25' pack) and it worked great. Rolls in easy and holds the screen tight.

Ordered 500' and am in the process of replacing the .185 spline

Just wanted others to know what worked for me.
Ron......Central Florida

Jun 10, 2021

by: Adrian

You could try 0.225 inch diameter round polyfoam which would be the next size up from 0.180 inch,

That should hold the screen in tight but still be easy enough to roll it in

Going from fiberglass to aluminum normally would not make that much of a difference.

What would make a difference is if the new material was a lot thinner than the old

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