What kind of spline/screen is this?! CANNOT find a replacement....

by Paul
(San Diego, CA, USA)

I have a few damaged retractable screens that I need to replace. What's really strange is that the "spline" basically has 2 flaps and the screen mesh is in the middle and heat sealed (I cannot separate). The end of the rubber/pvc piece has a "T" that slides into the groove of the pull bar. What is this and where do I buy the screen and/or spline to repair these. My windows/sliding glass doors are about 14 years old and with no manufacturer name on them.

Pictures attached. One of the pictures shows the pull bar where the "T" slides into (on the right side).

Thanks for your help in advance!


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Jun 02, 2023
Answer! NEW
by: Paul Rogers

Found my answer. Magic Window company. Headquarter in Canada and they have a repair shop in LA area. They sell replacement items and will rescreen your door or window screens for a great price. They are brand new now.

Aug 28, 2019

by: Adrian

Hi Paul;

The big problem with retractable screens is that almost no companies sell spare parts for them. And to make things worse, some manufacturers create proprietary parts and then end up out of business leaving no supply at all.

When you buy a retractable screen you pretty much need to buy an extra cassette - the roller and the cloth and drawbar, in case the cloth ever rips or the springs break in the roller.

There are plenty plastic extruders across the USA who could make that heat sealed extrusion, so long as you commit to buying thousands of feet.

I have seen different versions of it before and there is probably one plastic extruder making it for a whole bunch of retractable screen companies but so far I dont know who that plastic extruder is.

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