Want to figure out how the fix the Anderson Screen door with a broken roller

by Jay
(Syosset, NY)

My Screen door kept falling off from the track.

With a little study, I noticed maybe the broken roller at the bottom cause the problem. But first I can not figure out the production line of this Anderson Gliding Patio Door. Second, most roller I found on-line are totally different compare to what I have in this screen window.

I attached the picture of that Anderson logo and those rollers here. Is there any chance I can find some help here?

Hi Jay

Yes I can get those rollers, I have none in stock but if you can contact me I will check with my supplier on Monday to see what pricing is

The version I buy has steel ball bearing rollers instaed of the plastic, they roll much more smoothly

My contact information is at the bottom of the home page at fixingscreens.com

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