Vinyl Sliding Door Track

by Lori


I recently purchased a pre-owned home. The sliding glass door is made of vinyl, as well as the bottom track. There's roughly 12 inches of it torn off so the door only opens half way. I can't find any replacement track with the same measurements,
70"L x 1 5/8" W. Do you have any suggestions on how to replace/repair it, rather than replacing the whole door?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Lori;

You can get replacement aluminum bottom sill tracks for patio doors

The trick as you said is to find one as close as possible to the old dimensions.

Installing them usually involves chiselling out the old track on both sides. Then cutting a new track just short enough that you can slide one end in as deep as possible so that the other end has room to fit in.

Then slide the track over to center it and screw it down.

But I need to see the old door to figure out if spacers will be needed and how the old door is put together at the point where the vertical stiles meet the sill.

Vinyl doors are usually thicker and you might have to put a plywood spacer behind the aluminum track to get the height correct.

I have about 20 samples of patio door tracks, and I will be happy to see if one looks like it will fit

if you can send me some photos of the door and the broken track with a measuring tape laid out in the photograph that would be a great help.

The email address is at the bottom of the home page of

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Dec 07, 2017
Never Got Back to Me
by: Lori V


This is my original post. I did email you 3 pictures and I never heard from you again so, I emailed you to let you know and nothing. Can you help me or is this out of your league? Seems like no one has an answer.

Thank you,
Lori V

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