V shaped spline in my RV

by Lesa

I am replacing the screen on an 5-th wheel rv. The original spline was V shaped. No one seems to know what it is nor how to replace it. Can you help? For example, how do I measure it? Where can I find replacements?

Hi Lesa;

Seems like RV manufacturers love to make special parts so that theres no other place you can buy except from them.

Your V shaped spline sounds like one of those situations

Any chance you can take a picture of the spline laying on top of a measuring tape so I can get an idea of the size ?

Do they actually have V shaped groove that the spline fits in, or is it just rectangular.

If its rectangular, but not deep enough to hold a round spline, then T spline might work.

But need to figure out the size before can go much further

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