U shaped flat screen spline

by Doug H
(Belleville, IL, USA)

U shaped spline

U shaped spline

I teach high school home main and we did a screen repair for teachers. Students tore out damage screens before I check them and 1 had a spline that I have never seen before and the kids tore it in to little pieces so can't be used. Here is a picture of a piece of it, do you know where I can purchase this, thanks, Doug

Hi Doug, give those students all a high five, they are awesome !

From what I can see from the pictures it appears to be a U shape 3/8" tall and perhaps 1/4" wide.

This first thing that pops into my head is glazing vinyl for patio door glass. Its U shaped and is meant to wrap around the edge of a single pane of glass before the glass is inserted into the patio door frame.

A local glass shop ought to carry this.

Never seen this used a spline before and usually the only way to get custom splines is to order a die and thousands of feet of the stuff.

I think the glazing vinyl made for 3/16" or 1/4" glass should work if you can find one thats close in dimensions.

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