To Cut or Not to Cut ? #Shakespeare screen repair

by Jennifer
(Kansas City )

I just replaced the screen on my screen door and put the same spline in that was in it before. The problem is I have about 5 or 6 inches of extra spline at the end. Is it OK to cut off the excess spline? I was worried that since the spline fit before replacing the screen, it would be too short if I cut it now. If cutting the spline is not advisable, what should I do to correct the problem?

Ah To cut or not to Cut, That is the Question !

Yes you should cut, but technically you are right, the diameter of the spline does decrease a tiny amount and the spline grows longer under the force of rolling it in.

Thing is, this happens no matter what size of spline you are rolling in. In fact sometimes, tighter fitting splines lengthen even more.

If in doubt, roll a small portion in using the spline and test how hard it is to pull the screen cloth out. If the cloth gradually slides past the spline, or if the spline easily pops out, the spline is not large enough.

If it is too loose, go up one size in spline and test again. Every screen is designed for a specific diameter or width of spline. When you have to pull out an old screen its a good idea to measure the old spline as best you can to determine what was there. Or at least keep a sample so you can be sure you buy the same size to replace it.

If you reuse the old spline, it has to be in good condition, not cracking or falling apart. Still flexible and workable. And yes, sometimes they put the wrong size in even when the frame was new so test like I said and make sure it holds the cloth in tightly.

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