The Vanishing #PatioDoor Lock !

by Allen
(California )

Approx 8 inch space between mounting screw holes

Approx 8 inch space between mounting screw holes

My Son In Law has a condo with a heavy white vinyl coated sliding glass patio door. The mortise lock for the door is missing and the original lock and door handles were apparently disposed of. It has replacement handles but the door has no lock.

In visiting local hardware stores we have found most replacement locks have mounting tab holes spaced in the approximate range of 2.5 to 4 inches apart. The mounting holes in this door are approximately 8 inches apart. I have no idea of whether the actual lock had mounting holes spaced that widely apart or wether there was originally some sort of long narrow mounting plate that spanned that large opening and a smaller lock then fitted into the mounting plate?

I have no clue as to the doors manufacturer as that information might allow me to contact them and obtain the appropriate hardware for repair. I am attaching a photograph of the door so that you may see its general construction with white vinyl coating; I am also including a photograph showing the opening in the door frame that accommodates the lock hardware.

The two mounting holes in the frame are approximately eight inches apart as stated previously. Any information regarding the manufacturer of this door or what the locking assembly may have looked like would be greatly appreciated.

My hunch is the original assembly looked very much like the E2648 assembly pictured on your information page. Thank you for your expertise and assistance.


Hi Allen;

Thanks for the great pictures

It looks like this door originally had a double point locking mortise lock. Many of these have dimensions close to 8" The Milgard classic lock has holes 7-15/32" center to center for example

I am posting a picture of the Milgard lock so you can check the dimensions more closely.

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