Stuck #StormDoor panel clip makes glass tough to move

by Colin
(Victoria, BC, Canada)

I have a screen door that is about 10 years old and the glass top half of the door, is suppose to come down and then you can pull down a screen to cover the opening. The problem is that one of the latches on the top right had corner of the glass panel (see photo) has broken off making it impossible to bring the window down. Is there an easy fix for this or do I have to purchase a new storm door? Thank you for your help. CHEERS!!! Colin

Hi Colin;

Thanks for the great pictures.

I would first use a sharp pointed tool like an awl to push into the part of the latch or panel clip thats still stuck in the door, then I would try to pull the latch across being careful not to slip and scratch the paint on the door. That should get the panel moving again.

To repair it, you will need to remove the glass panels. In that door its very likely you pull the panel sideways against the foam rubber that is installed inside the door until the panel pops out on one side.

The foam rubber may be on the left or the right so you will need to pull it sideways in both directions to see which way makes it come out easier.

In an old door the foam rubber may have become hard and brittle with age, making it hard to slide the panel sideways. Hopefully it will still come out.

Once the panels are out, the panel clips can be removed. Usually they are held in with a tiny clip visible from the top on the panel on each side.

When you buy new clips they should come with a spring and a new tiny clip. Its a bit of trick to get the new spring and clip in without having them fly across the yard and dissapear forever.

If you are going to do this yourself, please send me pictures of the top of the panel and I will see if I can help you through it.

Or take the panel in to a local glass shop that stocks the clips, they should be able to repair this in 5 minutes.

Good Luck !

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