#Stormdoor won't open all the way

by Michael
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

I just got new main doors put in yesterday, now my fairly new storm door won't open all the way only half way. Nothing is blocking the door because I unhooked the pump one at the top that makes it lock open.

The bottom one works fine door swings wide open so it has to do with the top pump hindge. Their both equally screwed in frame and storm door. Is their a way to adjust it?

Hi Michael;

You said you had your main doors replaced and I am wondering if the new doors took away space on the side jamb so that they had to move the storm door closer hinges further forward.

You need space to locate the hinges so that the storm door can open past half way. You mioght have to move the cylinder bracket on the storm door closer to the lock siude of the storm door.

How much of the rod is showing when the door is fully closed ? Is there very little room between the cylinder and the hinge bracket ? Would love to see some pictures

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