#Stormdoor window sash coming apart

by Ken

I have an aluminum screen door with a screen/window at the bottom , you let the glass window slide up to let the screen be open.The problem is that the frame around the glass sliding window has started to separate and does not follow the glass as the glass (and the rest of the frame) slides down when you close the window i.e. close off the screen. Any ideas how to fix it?

Hi Ken;

The moveable sashes in an aluminum screen door are usually held together by 4 tny metal screws, one at each corner. There will be access holes in the top and the bottom for a screwdriver. The bottom screws will be under the latch keys that hold the sash in the raised position, the keys will have to be removed before you can reach them.

Its also possible that the frame does not use screws and is staked together.If you see 3 dots or indentations at each corner this might be a clue.

To fix these you need to reinsert the metal corners back into the frame.
You might need to replace them if they have broken. To get the old broken corners out you need to take the whole frame apart because if try to do it while its still together you might end up breaking the glass

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