Storm Door won't latch unless I loosen the screws

by Debra R
(Harrisburg, Pa)

storm door; screws loosened

storm door; screws loosened

I bought a Larson storm door from Lowe's, and had it professionally installed; I love the door; but the problem is, the latch won't work unless the screws to the door latch are loosened. When they are tight, the latch won't move; We have tried several different things, but are unable to make this thing work. It is brand new, and I hate to complain, but, do I have to buy an entirely new latch in order to make it work?
I'm afraid with the screws loosened, I will end up destroying the actual latch to the door, and I'll have to buy another latch.
Picture one shows the screws loosened, and the door closes.
Picture two shows the screws tightened; and the door won't close.

Now, for my next issue:
My upper glass has a dimple in it. Nothing to worry about now, but, after a while, could that be a problem?
It is enclosed in picture 3.

I wouldn't complain; but I paid a lot for this storm door; and I'm on a limited income...long story short, I ALWAYS bought Larson Doors, but, I'm VERY disappointed with THIS one!

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Oct 12, 2022

by: Adrian

Hi Debra;

Not latching is a common problem with storm doors. From your pictures it looks like the screws holding the need to be loosened and the shiny metal hasp plate needs to be adjusted forward a tiny bit. Hopefully thats all it is.

If you cannot move the hasp plate further forward you might need to take a a wrench and bend the part of the plate thats sticking out towards the door the smallest amount.

Yet another way to do it is to remove the handle and put a thin cardboard shim behind it. Then put the handle back on.

Dont know why they didnt set it up properly at the installation. My customers would never let me get away with something like that.

As for the glass the company really should replace it, its an obvious manufacturing defect. Your storm door is probably a standard size ie 32" or 34" so Lowes could swap the glass out of another door, maybe the display model.

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