Storm door with a squeaky retractable screen

by Rick
(Myrtle Beach, SC)

We have a storm door that has a retractable screen in the upper half. Recently, when we slide the screen up and down, the mechanism has started squeaking and it is sometimes hard to push up and pull down. It feels like we should spray some kind of lubricant along the slider's path. Could it be that simple? If so, what should we use?

Hi Rick,
You could try spraying some silicone lubricant spray up into the top corners where the roller pivots are. But very little.

Dont use something like WD40, Thats more like a penetrating oil. It eventually dries up and actually makes the problem worse later.

As well, squeeking is usually caused by metal rubbing on metal. Need to find the source of the squeeking because lubrication will only delay the parts rubbing on each other until they break

Check with the place where you bought the door to see if spare parts are available. You might luck out and find a good supplier with parts available for the door.

None of my suppliers sell parts for retractable screens on storm doors

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