Storm door panel clips stuck in and wont come out

by cokd n upset

The screen is out and the lowered glass won't raise.
Frustrating. to get the window up without taking door apart.


Help one of my sliding holder clips is frozen; can't get the frame out.....any solutions? have sprayed it with lubricant, no luck

Am needing to replace screen, so simple, once the frame is out!
Screen frame seems stuck below one storm window; that's where that clip is stuck on one side....the other one works fine; it's one the storm window frame that one clip is stuck/frozen.

Seems I'll need to get this glass frame out to get the screen frame out; the screen frame just doesnt swing out easily like the first storm window piece did so expectedly...
any ideas?

Thanks so very much!!


Most storm door windows are made of 4 aluminum extrusions that are screwed together. Some times the sharp edge of one of the extrusions hooks into the door frame and stops you from moving it.

When this happens to me I usually carefully look around the whole window frame pulling up on it gently to see "feel" where its hooked.

From there on its just pushing and jiggling to get the sharp edge thats hooked to let go. Its usually just one spot and it does not take much, just a tiny sharp edge sticking out.

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