Storm door jamb bracket needed

by D. G
(Florida, USA)

Storm door jamb bracket corner style

Storm door jamb bracket corner style

Can anyone identify the maker of this screen door closer by this mount? I can't find it anywhere and I want to use the same screw holes to replace my closer

Its going to be hit & miss to find a storm door jamb bracket with exactly the same hole centers.

You could fill the old holes with a piece of wood dowel coated with wood glue. That would make it easy to redrill holes for a new part.

Would be stronger repair too

Here is a link to a stronger aluminum bracket available on Amazon:

There is also a plastic version that just might have the same hole centers as yours but they dont give any dimensions. The problem with white plastic is gets brittle and eventually breaks when out in the sun.

Both of these storm door jamb brackets should work with your door cylinder

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