Storm door good and stuck

by Cliff R
(Port Charlotte, Florida, USA)

I have a homes of merit 11 year old double wide in Florida. I am trying to remove the storm/screen door combo. I removed all visible screws and it won't budge I suspect that they glued the door support structure to my door frame. Any suggestions?,,Thanks, Cliff

Hi Cliff:

Without seeing pictures its tough to say for sure but my first though would be to try to re-screen in place without taking the door apart.

Assuming that the door is in good shape aside from the broken screens this is usually the most efficient way to go.

You just have to have clear access to the spline channel all the way around. I cut a piece of material just a couple of inches larger tan the opening and roll in spline schnitzels at the four corners to hold it place.

Then have someone hold the door steady while I roll the spline in all around. So long as you keep the material flat it works really well.

Now if the door has to come out, sometimes they can be difficult if they have been there 20 or 30 years. The sun melts the paint behind the frame and glues it on like nothing else.

If the door needs replacing then it wont matter if the frame gets a little bent taking it off but I would be working it loose with whatever slim spatula I could get behind the frame to work it loose.

Certainly can be a long trying job not wanting to wreck the wood underneath. If you can send pictures will certainly try to offer better solution.

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