Spline won't stay

by Monica
(Tempe, Arizona)

I have 2 spots in my Arizona room (screen room) that keep coming out. It's on the outside and I have replaced the spline, thinking it might have had sun damage. When I install it, it seems to fit perfectly but does not stay in. Most of the time it comes when there it's windy or monsoon season and only happens in 2 places. The rest of the room is fine. Can I glue it in? Please advise.

Hi Monica;

If the spline stays in at lest 24 hours then I would try using silicone caulk to hold it in.

That way its not as permenent as glue which you would have a hard time scraping out if you ever had to replace the screens.

As to why the spline is coming out , could be a defect in the rail where the groove is a little wider in one or two spots so that the spline pops out.

If the caulk comes out too then the next step is to screw a flat sheet metal plate over top of the area that pops out.

Hope this helps

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